Orange Crush Football Boosters Club                                  

The Orange Crush Football Boosters Club took its inception in 1987 as a non-profit organization. Head coach Ed Glass recommended the creation of the organization. He felt a parent based boosters club would provide better lines of communication between the coaches and parents. Subsequently, Dave Tate was chosen as the first acting president of the Orange Crush Boosters Club.

The Orange Crush Boosters Club provides monetary support exclusively to the football program. Hence, we have provided college scholarship support, purchased team equipment, provided team meals, and much more. In addition, the Orange Crush Boosters Club provides social interaction and valuable networking to the football program. Subsequently, we are proud of our heritage and support of the Hoover football program. Furthermore, we consider it a privilege to support the Hoover Vikings football program. Please join the North Canton Hoover Orange Crush Football Boosters Club. In doing so, your membership will help make it possible for student-athletes to experience the excitement associated with Hoover football. 

Mission Statement

Most noteworthy is our mission statement to sponsor projects and/or activities that are deemed by the membership to be in the best interest of the North Canton City Schools Football Program. Furthermore, it is understood that there will be no personal gain resulting from this membership.


On the second Sunday of every month, the Orange Crush Football Boosters Club meets at the North Canton Hoover High School in room PE-0 at 7:00 pm. All Hoover supporters are welcome.

PO BOX 3001 North Canton, OH 44720

Orange Crush Football Boosters Club