Orange Crush Football Boosters Membership Form

Dear Hoover Football Fan,

The 2016 season will be here before we know it. Coach Baum is working the kids hard this off season so that they are stronger and faster come the 2016 football season. Coach estimates eighty plus boys grades 10-12 on this year’s squad which is up over twenty boys from last season. Orange Crush was able to support and accomplish so many different initiatives Coach Baum requested last year so I would like to thank the Hoover Football faithful for the many generous donations given. Orange Crush is asking you to continue your support of the North Canton Football program and Coach Baum in 2016. 

The Orange Crush Booster Club’s sole mission is to support Coach Baum, his staff, the players, and all Hoover Football Teams. We are asking you as a dedicated fan to become an Orange Crush Member.  If you were a member last year, we thank you and certainly hope that you will join us again this year.  A minimum donation of $30.00 will make you an Orange Crush Member and assure that your name will be in the Hoover Football Game Program.  In lieu of a donation of $30.00 for membership, we are running a 2016 Orange Crush Football Drive to raise a significant amount of money for new projects and equipment Coach Baum feels would significantly enhance our football program. We are asking for supporters of the Hoover football program to again consider a larger donation to this cause.  If you choose to participate in this drive, you will automatically be a member of Orange Crush for 2016 and your name will be included on a banner that will be placed by the locker room thanking everyone participating in this monetary drive at the level’s set forth below.

On behalf of Coach Baum, his staff, players, and Orange Crush, we thank you for your support and for being the best fans in the State of OHIO!!

Kevin Wood – Class of ‘86

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yes, I want to be a member of Orange Crush. Enclosed is my donation of ____________________

  • $30 booster club member ($10 if student)
  • $100-$249 booster club member and Bronze Level 2015 Orange Crush Football Drive donator
  • $250-$999 booster club member and Silver Level 2015 Orange Crush Football Drive donator
  • $1000+ booster club member and Gold Level 2015 Orange Crush Football Drive donator

How would you like your name to appear in the program or on the banner thanking fund drive donators?


Email address ____________________________________________________________

Please make your check Payable to: “Orange Crush Football Booster Club” and mail along with the bottom portion of this letter to:      Orange Crush Football Booster Club, P.O. Box 3001, North Canton, Ohio 44720